Badger State Brewing Brews a Better State

Badger State Brewing
Badger State Brewing's beer garden, August 23, 2019 (WCWF/ Beni Petersen)

GREEN BAY (WCWF) -- Badger State Brewing in Green Bay is taking their part in the community to the next level, by giving back with their new charitable organization- the Brewing a Better State Foundation. Badger State President and Founder Andrew Fabry says the idea stemmed from things they started doing when the brewery first opened up, such as requests to contribute to different causes.

"... kind of over time as those requests grew and grew, we said ' hey, in the future it would be really nice to have a natural extension of the business which would be focused specifically on community work, how we can give back, supporting charities other fundraiser things of that nature...' And really this is the combination of years and years of ideas and conversations that led us to this point."

Andrew says funding for the foundation will come through different events they put on at the brewery.

"Having this foundation will allow us to pool those efforts and pool those funds together, and make more focus directed efforts towards supporting different community, you know forms of charity and fundraising."

The fundraiser kicked off with the release of the April pilot series, an Aussie Pale Ale. One dollar of every pint sold goes toward the World Wildlife Fund to help aid recovery efforts from Australia’s devastating wild fires.

"How we can we support these people in-need, even though their much further away... So conversations from staff kind of led us to say, what if we tied a specific beer release that we're already kind of doing, to this fundraiser effort."

Using a combination of Galaxy and Vic Secret hops originating from Australia, Andrew says it's a popular style in craft brewing.

"So we said how cool would that be to choose a style that people are already going to be naturally interested in and gravitate to, and have the connection to the relief effort that we're trying to raise money for at the same time."

During a staff meeting, employees were asked to identify causes they believed in and wanted to see Badger State contribute to... then they created a list for what’s next.

"On a monthly basis as we continue to brew these pilot beers, we will tie them to specific charities groups, fundraising efforts. and those will be announced typically a month in advance. On a monthly basis the group change throughout the rest of the year and that will be tied to a different beer each time."

Andrew says the goal is for the foundation to be able to operate entirely on its own outside of the brewery, and continue to work with Badger State to keep funding, growing and building the foundation bigger.

"We want this to be something still around, long after we're gone. And that may be maybe 50, 100 years.. we decided that the things we can build and help shape in our community, are really what will be kind of our lasting legacy is for Badger State Brewing and that's what the foundation is deigned to do."

Nicole Poley shares what it means to her to work for Badger State as they kick off their charitable organization.

"For me personally it's something that's always been close, and I know for the brewery... It's always been their goal to collectively bridge that gap between the community and the beer. We do what we do best, which is craft beer, so why not create that craft in a community foundation collectively. It's something that we take pride in, and it's something that's our passion."

As the social media marketing manager, Nicole says they're active and always up-to-date on their Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and website.

Another digital feature they offer is the Badger State Brewing App- where craft beer lovers from anywhere can keep connected with the beers they've rolled out and where to find them.

"It's very cool that we offer a lot of those platforms that people still feel kind of connected to that smaller community. And we just continually to strive to meet everybody I guess where they're at, which is nice."

With hosting their Wednesday night indoor markets, Bark and Brew fest, Badger State Block Party, their Anniversary party and numerous other events throughout the year, the brewery strives to be connected to the community, including area small businesses where they can.

"I mean we are a small business bureau with the independent brewers association. So that's one thing we also focus on is we support the small businesses, they support us..." Nicole says, "... just excited to make new beer. We'll always have something interesting people will want to come and try out which will be cool."

To learn more about the Brewing a Better State Foundation, Badger State beers and events... head to their website,

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