Mike Grell Interview - Sketch; Introduction: Legacy

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In the videos (below), writer/artist Mike Grell sketches Green Arrow; talks about his history with the character; and the legacy of his graphic novel The Longbow Hunters.

Mike Grell is a writer, artist, and Wisconsin native, whose career in comics covers more than forty years. He's worked with numerous characters. But, his legacy may be most linked with Green Arrow.

With his work on 1987's The Longbow Hunters, Grell took Oliver Queen out of his usual place on the sidelines, and put him front, center, and in Seattle. He re-visualized the character, with a new look, and a more realistic stories.

In the videos below, you can see Mike Grell at work; hear how he describes himself; and find out what he thinks is the lasting impact of his Green Arrow graphic novel, The Longbow Hunters.

If the videos don't display, you can access them at the CW 14 youtube channel here:

Mike Grell sketches Green Arrow:

Meet Mike Grell:

Legacy of The Longbow Hunters:

The interview took place at Powers Comics in Green Bay on September 8th, 2017. Further excerpts from the interview will be posted soon.

Mike Grell appeared for a signing at Powers Comics on Saturday, September 9th from 11a to 5p.

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