Meet the Mile musicians; Megan Slankard & The Wreckage

Megan Slankard.jpg
Megan Slankard & The Wreck return to Mile of Music in Appleton this August 2019 (Courtesy: Iren Sophia)

GREEN BAY (WCWF) -- Ahead of the 2019 Mile of Music Festival taking place in Appleton, we wanted to meet some of the artists set to perform.

Meghan Slankard & The Wreckage is a San Francisco-based indie rock band, set to return to Appleton this August. The trio has been together for over a decade. Megan's musical influence comes from her love for The Beatles, as well classic rock and rock 'n roll.

Megan describes the Mile of Music as one of those festivals that's in a different category.

"I've never been a part of a festival, where not only the people who work at the festival, but the fans who attend the festival and all of the bands... everyone is so collectively there together, to enjoy the music ... to experience the whole weekend together."

Megan has performed at the Mile in previous years, but this will be her first time performing as Megan Slankard & The Wreckage.

"You look forward to it every year. As soon as it's done, you look forward to the next year. Whether you're attending, or you're playing, you just -- you can't wait. Because it fills you up. It's like a reason to be a performing artist."

And after leaving the Mile? "I feel like rejuvenated.... I'm like , oh yeah, that's what it feels like to play independent music, my music, in front of people who want to hear it. In front of people who are happy I'm there. It feels amazing."

"Everyone is so present, everyone is there, during that weekend."

Megan describes her experience performing at the Lawrence Memorial Chapel stage, and what it's like with other performers around and the full focus of every listener.

"It's almost like I remember the reason I play music, because, I love that connection with humans, with people -- we're sharing a moment together and feeding off of each other's energy. It's magical ... and intimidating because it's so quiet and intimate. But the good kind of intimidating."

If you haven't heard Megan before, you should take a listen to "Bones Live Forever" off of the album, Running on Machinery.

"It's like a little swampy rock 'n roll song, where in the music video there are two version of my band. There's a punk version and a pop version and they sorta battle."

If you're new to her shows, Megan says you can expect to have a good time.

"We get lost in our music. I have so much fun playing with my band-mates that sometimes I forget that I am a human..."

"We're going to play all of our most fun and sloppiest rock 'n roll we can. We're going to be jumping up and down for sure."

Megan and The Wreckage has a brand new record out, called California, and Other Stories. They will play some songs off of that album, as well as some up-beat ones from the record previous. They will *also play some unreleased music, that is part of the fan club, which people can listen to by subscribing to "Patreon."

For more information, head to Megan Slankard's website. Be sure to follow Megan on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. You can find her music on Youtube and Apple Music.

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