Meet the Mile musicians: Adrian + Meredith

Adrian + Meredith4.jpg
Adrian + Meredith return to Mile of Music in Appleton this August 2019 (Courtesy: Adrian + Meredith)

GREEN BAY (WCWF) -- Ahead of the 2019 Mile of Music Festival taking place in Appleton, we wanted to meet some of the artists set to perform.

Fresh off the stage, Adrian + Meredith called while in Sweden on tour. They're a five piece band, as well as a dynamic duo. Both singer-songwriters hail from the north. Meredith Krygowski comes out of Ann Arbor/Lansing, Michigan, and Adrian Krygowski is from the center of Wisconsin, Stevens Point. The band is currently based out of Nashville, Tennessee, with other band members from around that area and the West Coast.

Adrian plays guitar and sings, while Meredith plays violin, sings, tap dances and clogs. The band has a full horn section including a baritone saxophone, trombone and trumpet. Their musical style consists of influences all types, including eastern European (polka), traditional American folk, Gypsy, jazz and rockabilly. Some of their influences also root from punk bands the Squirrel Nut Zippers and the Shack Shakers.

If you're new to their music, a song for your first suggested listening is "Take a Boat," off of their album, "More Than a Little." Currently, a second album is in the works, and some of those songs will be played this August at the Mile.

This isn't the band's first rendezvous with Mile of Music, but its fifth. When asked what some of their best shows were, their show at Outer Edge during Mile of Music three years ago definitely made the list. The duo says the best thing about Mile of Music is the connection with the people in Appleton, the community and the fans.

"It doesn't matter where you come from, if you play Mile of Music, they will love you... You are very accepted, no matter what you are creatively doing, musically speaking."

Touring different countries all year long, they say having that kind of relationship with fans is very rare, making Appleton a special place.

"When you combine that inspiration from all of the amazing community support, and then you stick 400 music artists together in a town for a week, there's just something magical about it that happens, there's an energy that happens -- it's just like nothing else, it's the best," Meredith said.

The duo helps out with the Mile team as Artist Liaisons.

"Mile of Music and Appleton has given us, as artists, so much. So we're trying to give more back to Appleton and the Mile," they said. "Once you visit the Mile, you're hooked. Everyone can agree, it's the best week of the year."

Adrian describes being surrounded by music at the Mile, saying “There comes a moment when every bar, venue, pizza place and every place has music going on, and you can hear it as you walk down the street.”

Outside of establishments, there’s also a city bus with music going on, on the bus!

Adrian continues, “You cannot escape the music. For four days, you’re just in this tunnel, and it’s all wonderful and you never want it to end.”

If you're new to seeing Adrian + Meredith, they say to expect to have fun, dance, clap and be engaged. And if you're looking to hear a little of Adrian + Meredith as both a band and duo, don't worry. They'll differentiate between sets so you can hear it all.

To hear more about Adrian + Meredith (and that's Adrian "plus" Meredith!) head to their website. You can also find their music on Spotify, and follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Be sure to catch them at Mile of Music, which runs Thursday, Aug. 1-Sunday, Aug. 4. For the complete lineup, head to the Mile of Music website.