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Frustration continues to grow over Country USA, Rock USA refunds

Frustration continues to grow over Country USA, Rock USA refunds, June 16, 2020. (WLUK/Mike Moon)

OSHKOSH, Wis. (WLUK) -- FOX 11 is following up on complaints from people who want refunds for their tickets to the now-canceled Country USA and Rock USA music festivals.

Tuesday, we got a response from the company that puts on the events. It comes as more and more frustrated customers are filing complaints with the state.

The Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection says it didn't have a single complaint about Country USA or Rock USA before June 8.

That has changed since FOX 11 started digging into the state of customer refunds.

“We have received about 30 complaints about the cancellation of those events, yes,” said Lara Sutherlin, administrator for the Wisconsin DATCP.

Hypervibe promotes both events.

In early June, it announced the 2020 events wouldn't happen, but the company has given few answers or updates about refunds.

We reached out to the company for comment, via Facebook, as their voice recording had instructed. We left several voice messages, sent emails, contacted the company’s president, and even paid their headquarters a visit.

Its doors remain closed.

DATCP hasn’t heard from the company at all.

“Those letters went out recently, and the timeframe for the company to respond hasn’t elapsed yet, so we anticipate hearing from them within the next week, or so,” said Sutherlin.

Hypervibe released a statement to FOX 11 and on Facebook Tuesday.

It says, in part:

This is an extremely unfortunate outcome of the pandemic that no one could have foreseen, and thus, planned for. We too have been severely affected by the COVID-19 pandemic in many ways, and are working hard to survive, and to formulate solutions that work.

The statement also says:

We are optimistic that if we can negotiate concessions, events can be held in 2021, and prepaid tickets held over until then could be utilized, to the extent possible.

The statement does not mention refunds.

“If there is a violation of the law, we’ll try to investigate it, and we’ll try to bring it into compliance and get consumers their refunds, and then obviously, if we aren’t able to do that, we would proceed with enforcing the law, but we’re in the very early stages of this and we have no reason to believe the company’s not going to adhere to the law.”

Country USA and Rock USA each have recently averaged crowds of more than 25,000 people each day.