Fans react to the Super Bowl LIV halftime performance by Shakira and Jennifer Lopez

Singers Shakira, left, and Jennifer Lopez perform during the halftime show at the NFL Super Bowl 54 football game between the San Francisco 49ers and Kansas City Chiefs', Sunday, Feb. 2, 2020, in Miami Gardens, Fla. (AP Photo/Charlie Riedel)

MIAMI GARDENS, Fla. (WLUK) -- From sporting Puerto Rican and American flags to kids in actual cages, Super Bowl LIV’s halftime performance sent a variety of messages.

Byron Garcia says it was refreshing.

Krysta Venegas says the performance had cultural value. But it depends on who you ask.

"I think it was a good change because usually it’s a lot of, and not to be biased, but American household names that are doing the halftime shows so to have two Latina girls and some Latino artists be right there in Miami for a big halftime show especially a live show it just felt great," said Garcia.

Garcia is a student in Green Bay. He adds the halftime show meant more than highlighting Hispanic and Latin culture.

But some scenes were just too much for some viewers.

One commenter posted on social media saying Jennifer Lopez and Shakira were “promoted as sex subjects, dressing cheaply and dancing seductive.”

Another's post points to the Super Bowl being a family-friendly event, saying Lopez shouldn’t have been asked to perform, and parents were embarrassed when their children watched the show.

Krysta Venegas says while she understands some of those outfits and dance moves were promiscuous.

"You do see something shaking that you wouldn’t see shaking on a day to day basis but then again we have to keep in mind that when we’re watching these games we watch them on a regular basis with their cheerleaders who are often dressed the same way as the performers were," said Venegas.

Gaby Gamboa is a host with Green Bay’s Spanish language radio station.

She says she believes the Latina performers meant to spread a message of unity.

"Just because my skin is dark and I am a Latino, I am a multicultural person. I’m born in one country but I have different flags in my heart. And that’s what she’s showing, she’s showing she’s multicultural," said Gamboa.