Donate For A Chance At An Epic CW Crossover Prize

CW Crossover poster.jpg
Limited edition poster promoting the 2017 CW superhero crossover event on November 27th and 28th. (WCWF)

Stephen Amell is well known for his social media presence, and for raising money for charities in unique ways.

This week, he announced a charity campaign sure to be of interest to Arrow-verse fans:

As Amell states in his Facebook post:

"Hi Facebook. A little over two weeks ago we lost a member of the Arrow Family. Clay Virtue was a stunt performer that was with us from the beginning. He leaves behind a wife and small child. Stunts Canada has organized The Clay Virtue Memorial Fund to help his family through this incredibly difficult time. I thought we could help too. I got a movie sized poster of this years crossover artwork and got EVERYBODY to sign it. EVERYBODY! Even the people who aren’t on the poster even though they definitely should have been. Here’s the deal: $5 enters you for a chance to win it. $10 enters you twice, $100 enters you 20 times... and so on. This’ll mean a ton to Clay’s Family. It means a great deal to me too. Here’s the link:

We’ll run it all week and pick a winner on Friday. Thank you guys. xo"

He offers another look at the signed poster on his twitter account:

I do love how Grant Gustin felt compelled to add "The Flash" to his autograph.

This year's CW crossover event will run:

Monday, November 27th

7pm Supergirl (part 1)

8pm Arrow (part 2)

Tuesday, November 28th

7pm The Flash (part 3)

8pm DC's Legends Of Tomorrow (part 4)