Tweets of the 2019 CW Upfront

The CW Upfront 2019.jpg
The CW Upfront 2019

The network released its fall schedule at the 2019 CW Upfront, and now we break down the big moments.

The Jonas Brothers opened the show Thursday morning at the New York City Center.

Among releasing the fall schedule, and showing off first-look extended trailers of the new shows, the CW re-emphasized their mission statement, Dare to Defy: pushing the boundaries of creativity, while supporting diversity.

Highlighted were three new series, as well as tributes to returning series. You can find that information for those shows and the new fall lineup on our website.

Stars of the series Supernatural, Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki took center stage, as they prepare for their final season of the show.

Here are some of our favorite tweets from the upfront. Some showing excitement for the new seasons, while others, more emotional.

What better way to wrap up the Upfronts than with a CW group selfie?

And of course, the new series Batwoman, yet to be released, already gaining fan attraction.

This fall's Sunday nights are set for shows with strong female leads.

The new murder mystery series of Nancy Drew to air this fall on The CW... actress Kennedy McMann jokes a competition with Riverdale.

Stars from ABC Network's Pretty Little Liars, all starring in CW shows this fall... Coincidence?

From the producers of Riverdale, Lucy Hale is Katy Keene.