The CW's Roswell, New Mexico Made It On Jeopardy - Is Proud

roswell jeopardy.jpg
Image from the episode "Smells Like Teen Spirit" airing Tuesday, February 26th on CW 14. (The CW)

There are new shows aplenty.

Major networks spend millions of dollars on promotion, and give their shows prominent placement anywhere they can to try and get an audience.

For Roswell, New Mexico, proof that they were making an impact came from an unexpected quarter ... via another tv show, one that's kept its audience for decades.

Here's the moment:

It first came to my attention through this tweet, from showrunner Carina Adly MacKenzie:

It prompted her to reach out to the Jeopardy contestant who got the question:

And that's when Stephen Amell makes his cameo appearance. Wonderful exchange on twitter between him and Ms MacKenzie:

Love these moments on Twitter - and they can disappear so easily.

Roswell, New Mexico returns with new episodes Tuesday, February 26th at 8pm.

You can watch Jeopardy every weeknight at 6:30 on FOX 11.