The Big Bang Theory - From Hypothesis To Conclusion

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The Big Bang Theory airs weekdays at 6p&6:30p on CW 14. (WCWF)

To celebrate the big finale for The Big Bang Theory, the show is doing something special ...

Starting on Monday, May 20th, every episode of The Big Bang Theory will air in order.

On CW 14, this will happen with the 6pm airings. Thus:

And so on, all the way to the series finale, which will air Friday, June 12th, 2020 (assuming I did the date calendar correctly.)

In the email that I got from Warner Brothers, telling stations that this was the plan, there was this paragraph:

"BIG BANG FNALE TAPING: AN EMOTIONAL NIGHT AT WARNER BROS. Stage 25 on the Warner Bros. lot is steeped in Hollywood history; Casablanca, Bonnie & Clyde, Blade Runner all filmed within its walls but last night the stage added a one-of-a-kind fadeout to its legacy. We taped the final scenes of the 279th episode. Tears and a lot of laughter filled an audience that included proud mom's of dad's, spouses and super fans ... "

It's a reminder that it's not just a big deal for the cast, and the audience -- but for the many people who support the show in countless ways.

And here's one of several great promos they've put together for this event (another would be the video at the top of this story):

Enjoy watching The Big Bang Theory, from the beginning, on CW 14.