Secrets From Crisis: Aftermath Part 2

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Behind the scenes intel and hints of what's to come in the finale of Crisis On Infinite Earths (The CW)

The first three episodes of Crisis On Infinite Earths are in the books (of destiny?), and it's sure to be a long wait until the two-part conclusion on January 14th.

Crisis: Aftermath Part 2 covered a lot of ground. Here's some standout insights and secrets:

- Something to look forward to - a massive battle against shadow demons that takes place in a quarry. Jon Cryer said it was his favorite sequence to shoot in the entire crossover.

- The original idea was to just do three Luthor episodes in Supergirl. Cryer pushed to be part of Crisis.

- Cryer is a comic book fan, to the point of collecting Jack Kirby art.

- The idea of the Paragons came from a JLA/JSA crossover; the one that came directly before the Crisis comics. The JLA/JSA comic was written by Jerry Conway, drawn by George Perez, artist for the Crisis comic books.

- The incredible moment where they flash back to the scene from the 1990 Flash tv show wasn't in the original script - they added it in during the editing process. It's one of Marc Guggenheim's favorite moments of the crossover.

- It's worth watching these Aftermath specials just for the In Memorium segments alone. All the puppies in every universe ...

- Kevin Smith to Kevin Conroy: "When I read a Batman comic, I hear your voice."

- If you want to hear the voice of Batman read: "Jingle Bells, Batman smells, Robin laid an egg", Crisis: Aftermath Part 2 has you covered.

- Hear from Geoff Johns about the inspiration for the new show Stargirl, and how he chose actress Brec Bassinger to star as Stargirl.

- DC's Legends Of Tomorrow's new season (premiering Tuesday, January 21st at 8pm) will be defined by the aftermath of Crisis

- Marc Guggenheim on what to expect in the finale: "A lot of your big questions get answered ... there's still some really great surprises, some wonderful moments, and some wonderful cameos still yet to come. And probably one of the biggest, most epic fights that we've ever done on any of the shows, certainly in any of the crossovers."

The two-part finale of Crisis On Infinite Earths will air on CW 14:

January 14th

7pm Arrow (crossover part 4)

8pm DC's Legends Of Tomorrow (crossover part 5)

Crisis: Aftermath, and the first three episodes of Crisis On Infinite Earths are available to stream on and The CW App for free and without a subscription, log-in or authentication required.