Secrets (& A Photobomb) From Crisis: Aftermath P1

Crisis aftermath.jpg
Secrets from the Arrow-verse, straight from its creators and stars (The CW)

After last night's part one of Crisis On Infinite Earths, The CW aired Crisis: Aftermath. The one-hour special, hosted by Kevin Smith, broke down some of the big moments from the first part of the crossover, and got insight from the shows creators and actors.

Here's some of the highlights:

  • "The Bat-nipples are Arrowverse 10." That's showrunner Marc Guggenheim, joking about how the Joel Schumacher Batman movies would fit into the CW's Multiverse.

  • Kat McNamera, when she learned she would play the daughter of Oliver Queen and Felicity Smoak, watched Arrow from the beginning to pick up mannerisms of both Stephen Amell and Emily Bett Rickards.

  • Stephen Amell's (and Kat McNamera's) costume boots actually have Nike sneakers inside.

  • Kat McNamera was a Girl Scout (first time she shot a bow & arrow.)

  • The secret origin of the Monitor and Anti-Monitor will be told in part 4 of the crossover: Arrow, Tuesday, January 14th at 7p. That episode was co-written by Marv Wolfman - writer of the original Crisis On Infinite Earths comic series.

A great moment came during a pre-taped interview with The Flash's Candice Patton. While she's she's giving her interview, she gets subtly photo-bombed by her co-star in full costume:

Presumably he's drinking a steaming cup of The Flash, straight from CC Jitters.

You can watch the entire episode of Crisis: Aftermath part one for free on the CW app.

Part 2 of Crisis On Infinite Earths airs tonight at 7p on CW 14!