Ring of Honor for Saturday, Sept 3

RoH World Champion Adam Cole, scheduled to speak at this Saturday's Ring of Honor (Ring of Honor)

It's a new era in Ring of Honor wrestling - the long reign of Jay Lethal is over (for now anyway) and the ROH World Champion is Adam Cole. He takes the mic on Saturday - and he's bringing the Bullet Club with him.

Meanwhile! It's new talent v seasoned vets, as hot newcomers Lio Rush and Jay White combine to take on the Briscoes.

And Dalton Castle will see how his trademark flamboyant style fares against Caprice Coleman.

In the " TTHHHISSS WEEK On Ring Of Honor" video (to the right), Mandy Leon takes the mic to profile Saturday's card. She gets the benefit of wrestling videos ... but, her mic skills lack the punch and style of the best we've heard. Still, plenty of room to grow into the role, Mandy. 1.5 out of 4 stars.

Ring of Honor airs Saturday at 10p on CW 14.