Ring of Honor for Saturday, June 4th

Colt Cabana looks to take his revenge on the Bullet Club (Photo courtesy of Ring of Honor)

Colt Cabana has reason to be irate. He's never held the World Champion belt - and had his chance in his match against Jay Lethal. That's when he was struck by a Bullet -- the Bullet Club, that is.

This Saturday, he'll be able to calmly discuss his side of the story to Bullet Club member Adam Page. I can only hope things don't devolve into fisticuffs.

But, if that is the sort of thing that interests you, Colt Cabana will be in Milwaukee, facing off against Adam Cole, on June 12 - details here.

Also! Donovan Dijak tests his mettle against HoT's Jay Lethal. That's a solid night of wrestling, folks!

Ring of Honor airs Saturday at 10p on CW 14.