Make your V-Day A Beebo V-Day

V Day 2019.jpg
Life is like a box of chocolates, and sometimes, that box of chocolates gets eaten by Beebo. (The CW)

A common slam against most modern superhero stories? They takes themselves way too seriously.

And, to be sure, The CW's Arrow-verse can occasionally stumble into that supervillainous trap.

But not today. Today is a milestone of silliness for the CW's Arrow-verse.

Because today, all of the Arrow-verse shows sent out Valentine's greetings courtesy of ... Beebo.

If that name means nothing to you, or means hands-free bottle-feeding, then you have some serious DC's Legends of Tomorrow viewing to catch up on.

Suffice it to say, Beebo is one of the goofiest bad guys in the extraordinarily goofy Legends, and it takes something very special to make Beebo the center of all of your Arrow-verse V-Day greetings.

I give you:

I do have to dock a point to the CW's social media for using the same Beebo valentine for both Supergirl and Arrow, but honestly, this is so brilliant that it is one point off of 500. The CW wins the house cup.

And here's to Dynasty for winning the best non-Beebo related Valentine's greeting from the CW:

Happy Fallon-tine's Day indeed, everybody.