Katie Phernetton Says 'Goodbye'

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Katie Phernetton at The Kress Center

Hello CW 14 lovers! It's Katie Phernetton.

I'm writing to you today to say "goodbye." As of Aug. 10 I will no longer be your source to everything CW 14 and more. It's a sad goodbye, but an exciting adventure that is ahead of me.

Thank you to all the viewers and followers over the 5 years that I spent exploring Northeast Wisconsin, reporting on CW news and being involved in this beautiful community.

It's hard to put into words what it feels like right now to say goodbye to a position and a place that has meant so much to me.

I was recently asked "what was your favorite memory from your time here?" And I couldn't think of an answer. I can't think of just one memory! I've tested rides live on air, been taught choreography from Broadway dancers, interviewed celebrities, drove a race car on a dirt track, and have met some of the greatest people on the planet because they wanted to share their stories. This is only to name a few, that YOU have seen!

I started this job as a college kid, wanting to break into the TV world. I won a search contest to become the next "CW 14 Star." I never in my wildest dreams thought that five years later, I'd be looking back and realize how much I did and how much I loved every minute of it.

Thank you to everyone: from the viewers to CW 14 and Fox 11. It was one exciting ride!

Click the video above to watch my final CW 14 Minute!

And this doesn't have to be a final goodbye, you can still follow me on social media to see all my adventures.

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Thank you again from the bottom of my heart.


Your Cheesehead Next Door - Katie Phernetton