Baseball comes to CW 14, iZombie closes season four

IZOMBIE fullscreen.png
We say goodbye to iZombie for now and hello to baseball on CW 14.

Monday at 8 on CW 14 we close the door on season four of iZombie. Last week's episode we saw Liv turning herself in. All we know about this week's episode is we are going to learn the fate of Liv and Levon. We'd be more in the dark about it all if we didn't know that iZombie is returning for season five. Sadly though, it will be the last season for the fan-favorite series.

CW summer is getting a little more uplifting with the return of My Last Days. The docuseries created by Jane The Virgin star, Justin Baldoni, follows real-life superheros making a positive impact in the world while suffering with a life-threatening illness. The series brings a real touch to the usual fantasy line-up and helps us realize it's never too late to make a difference. Tune in every Friday at 7.

Also this week baseball is here! All summer CW 14 will have the Wisconsin Timber Rattlers games live every weekend! Kane County comes to town and we’ll have the action Saturday at 7 and Sunday at 1 p.m. For the complete schedule click here.