First look at The CW's Batwoman

Batwoman thing.jpg
Ruby Rose as Kate Kane and Camrus Johnson as Luke Fox, coming this fall (The CW)

The Batwoman -First Look Trailer has been released; here's what we know about the show so far:

Kate Kane (Ruby Rose) is Bruce Wayne's cousin. Three years after Batman's disappearance from Gotham City, crime is increased. Kate's father Jacob (Dougray Scott) attempts to protect this city as the head of "Crows Private Security." But, an "Alice in Wonderland" type gang bombards a rooftop event, attacking the Crows, kidnapping one of the agents (Sophie, Meagan Tandy). Kate was dishonorably discharged from military school for her actions with Sophie, her then-girlfriend. Upon news of her ex missing, Kate takes charge to find her... breaking into Wayne Enterprises, and finds her way into the Batcave. She then requests the Batsuit to be adjusted to fit her, a woman.

One hot topic regarding the show, is it's female character and her sexual orientation. Some feel it will make the show overly feminist, while others support the role of female empowerment..

Another hot topic? The Batsuit. The character's choice to alter Batman's suit to fit a woman, and to make herself identifiable as a woman while wearing it. Batwoman wears a very distinctive wig added on the suit with flowing red hair.

According to D.C. Universe, Kate Kane's origin came about in the comic book Detective Comics in 2006. Her storyline similar to that of The CW's new series, her sexual orientation and her colors of red and black- marked into existence then. For further details on D.C. Universe's Batwoman, click here.

Still, the latest design of Kate Kane's batsuit is grabbing the attention of superhero fans alike.

Costume Designer Maya Mani designed Batwoman's suit, and is also known for her designs for other hit CW shows Arrow, Supergirl, DC's Legends of Tomorrow, The Flash and many more.

Writers for the show share their excitement to be working on the new series.

Meanwhile, cast members also sharing their behind the scene moments while creating the show.

People around the globe are also anxious for the release of the show.

Batwoman is set to air Sunday nights at 7 P.M. this fall, with Supergirl following at 8 P.M.

To watch the First Look Trailer for yourself, click here.