Human trafficking survivor shares story of hope

Colleen Stratton, a survivor of human trafficking, shares her story of hope with Robert Hornacek on CW 14 Focus.

(WCWF) -- This week on CW 14 Focus, host Robert Hornacek will be joined by two guests to talk about human trafficking.

On the show, Colleen Stratton will share her story of survival. Stratton is a victim of human trafficking who now is a speaker and advocate. She will be the featured speaker the National Day of Prayer luncheon in Green Bay on May 4, 2017.

She will talk about how she ended up in the dark world of human trafficking and how she got out of what is sometimes called 'the life.'

"She happened to be a nurse in a public detox that I wound up in many times," Stratton said. "She had gotten to know me and knew my story and said, 'I'm going to give you my home phone number and if you ever decide you want to leave and you need help, call me. Day or night, I'll be there.' So ultimately, I would one day call her and tell her I wanted help and wanted to find my way out of that darkness."

Stratton also works on the outreach team of Eye Heart World, a local organization working to raise awareness about human trafficking.

Eye Heart World's outreach director Dawn Spang will also appear on the show. She will talk about efforts to combat human trafficking including "The Rose Home" which will be a safe place for women in recovery.

CW 14 Focus is a weekly, half-hour interview program that focuses on the issues important to people in northeast Wisconsin. Each week, Robert Hornacek will sit down with a different guest and go beyond the sound bites. The program will highlight the people making a difference in the community and give viewers an opportunity to get in depth perspective. CW 14 Focus airs Sundays at 10 a.m.