FOX 11's Tom Milbourn looks back on 50 years in television

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FOX 11's Tom Milbourn, who is retiring later this month, joins CW 14 Focus host Robert Hornacek to talk about his career, his life outside of television and what he has planned for the future.

(WCWF) -- This week on CW 14 Focus, host Robert Hornacek was joined by FOX 11 News Anchor Tom Milbourn.

Milbourn, who has spent 50 years in television, is retiring this week. He has worked at television stations in Madison; Lansing, Michigan; Champaign, Illinois; and Green Bay. Milbourn has spent the past 25 years in the anchor chair at WLUK.

On the show, Milbourn shared some thoughts on his career, including some of his most memorable moments.

He also explained why he decided to call it a career now.

"It's time," Milbourn said. "It's time. I have had a wonderful run. I've been able to spend my adult life, and part of my junior years as well, doing what it turned out that I loved to do which is sharing the happenings of the day with people."

CW 14 Focus is a weekly, half-hour interview program that focuses on the issues important to people in northeast Wisconsin. Each week, Robert Hornacek will sit down with a different guest and go beyond the sound bites. The program will highlight the people making a difference in the community and give viewers an opportunity to get in depth perspective. CW 14 Focus airs Sundays at 10 a.m.