Drone expert offers tips for safe flying

Bill Bongle, owner of Titletown Drones, appears on CW 14 Focus with Robert Hornacek to talk about drone training.

(WCWF) -- This week on CW 14 Focus host Robert Hornacek will be joined by retired police officer and owner of Titletown Drones Bill Bongle.

Bongle is a technology consultant who trains drone operators and repairs drones. He also holds drone seminars for law enforcement agencies across the nation.

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On the show, Bongle will discuss a variety of drone-related topics, including the importance of safety and training.

"A lot of people think they can just pick one of these up and fly it," Bongle said. "What happens is people get disoriented. That's when we're crashing into things. Ninety-percent of the repairs that come through my shop are drones that have struck trees or other fixed objects. So, we have those skills that are needed but we also need to understand the rules, the regulations and then the local ordinances and laws."

Click here for information from the FAA about operating a drone.

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