Candidates for State Superintendent of Public Instruction

Tony Evers, the current State Superintendent of Public Instruction, and challenger Lowell Holtz appear on CW 14 Focus with Robert Hornacek to talk about the upcoming election.

(WCWF) -- This week on CW 14 Focus, host Robert Hornacek was joined by both candidates in the race for Wisconsin State Superintendent of Public Instruction.

Incumbent Tony Evers has spent eight years in the role.

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He is facing challenger Lowell Holtz. Holtz is the former superintendent in the Beloit and Whitnall school districts in the southern part of the state.

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On the show, both men discussed their experience and explain why they believe they're the right man for the job.

"My experience in the past is going to do us well in the future. I understand what the issues are in the future. It is not all about vouchers or non-vouchers. It is about representing the 860,000 students, work on their mental health issues, making sure that our teachers are respected so that we can get rid of the teacher shortage that we have," Evers said.

"I haven't spent the last 16 years in Madison but I do know how to get things done. I can fix, I can help, I can support all of our schools in Wisconsin. The teachers, the principals, the parents, they're going to be happy," Holtz said.

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