Basketball takes Harry Boyce around the world and back

Harry Boyce, who has spent nearly a decade playing professional basketball around the world, appears on CW 14 Focus with Robert Hornacek. (WCWF)

(WCWF) -- This week on CW 14 Focus host Robert Hornacek will be joined by a Green Bay man who has spent nearly a decade playing professional basketball.

Harry Boyce will appear on the show.

Boyce is a 2004 graduate of Green Bay East High School.

After college, Boyce played professional basketball in several countries including in China, Germany, Mexico and Egypt.

On the show, he will talk about his career, his childhood and what it takes to become a professional athlete.

"You have to love it. You really have to love it. You have to be about it, eat, sleep specifically that sport," Boyce said. "It's a long process, a lot of good, a lot of bad. There are a lot beautiful moments and a lot of ugly moments."

Boyce is now living in the Green Bay area and is focusing on youth development. He regularly runs youth basketball clinics and recently started a youth basketball program called Team 1848.

CW 14 Focus is a weekly, half-hour interview program that focuses on the issues important to people in northeast Wisconsin. Each week, Robert Hornacek will sit down with a different guest and go beyond the sound bites. The program will highlight the people making a difference in the community and give viewers an opportunity to get in depth perspective. CW 14 Focus airs Sundays at 10 a.m.