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'Riverdale' Shocks Fans Before Finale, CW Catches Royal Wedding Fever

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Riverdale has fans shocked and emotional as they enter the final episode of the season this week on CW 14.

On CW 14 this week - we're heading into finale season.

The first finale of the week is on Wednesday when we hopefully get some answers (and reassurance) on Riverdale at 7. Last week's episode had fans shocked and not feeling ok after all of the drama, crazy moments, and the one thing we can't even bring ourselves to come to terms with....did they really just kill of Jughead?!

It didn't help that after the episode, Cole Sprouse tweeted this:

We are not ok. This is not ok.

Check out some of the best fan reactions:

To help us cope, we are just going to keep staring at this picture of our favorite on-screen and real-life 'ship "Bughead" at The Met Gala this week:

Also this week Supernatural and Arrow both close the doors on this season Thursday.

The CW has caught royal wedding fever! On Friday tune in at 7 for the one hour special, Harry and Meghan: A Love Story. The special airing the eve of the wedding of the year uncovers their drives and motivations, and what united them creating this true-life fairy tale romance that has the world watching and changing the nature of the Royal Family.

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