KidsClick to launch July 1st on CW 14

KidsClick Storyline.jpg
Starting July 1st, KidsClick programming will air every day on CW 14 (WCWF)

Announcing the KidsClick schedule - kids programming coming to CW 14!

Saturday (Starting July 1st)

5:00a Robocop Alpha Command

5:30a Super 4

6:00a Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures

6:30a Scary Larry

Through 9/30 the below will air 12-1pm. Then starting 10/7 they move to 7a, 7:30a.

12:00p The Pink Panther and Pals

12:30p Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures

Sunday (Starting , July 2)

7:00a Robocop Alpha Command

7:30a Super 4

8:00a Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures

8:30a Scary Larry

9:00a The Pink Panther and Pals

9:30a Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures

Monday-Friday (Starting July 3rd)

6:00a Robocop Alpha Command

6:30a Max Steel

7:00a Angry Birds

7:30a Miraculous LadyBug

8:00a Rocket Monkeys

8:30a Super 4

Here's the kid-centric trailer:

Trailer 2 for KidsClick programming (WCWF)

And, for now it's just a countdown clock, but soon you'll have much more info at




BALTIMORE, MD (May 2, 2017) - Sinclair Broadcast Group, Inc. (Nasdaq: SBGI) announces its newest entry

into the content arena with ‘KidsClick,’ a national multiplatform programming block geared for children.

KidsClick, which launches Saturday, July 1, 2017 and airs daily, will feature robust and age-appropriate content

available on all screens, including broadcast television, online, pay TV, mobile and over-the-top (OTT).

KidsClick initially will be available in more than 75 million broadcast TV homes through many Sinclair-owned

and operated stations and on national network partner, ThisTV.

“The broadcast industry was the original destination for children’s programming, and we are very excited to

once again play a meaningful role in offering such important, high-quality content,” said Steve Marks, EVP &

Chief Operating Office of Sinclair’s television group. “Our decision to re-enter the kids’ space with KidsClick is

a natural step for Sinclair as we expand our reach to the next generation of broadcast viewers. More importantly,

our KidsClick’s platform offers parents an option for high-quality, well-known, carefully vetted content and


“ThisTV is thrilled to be a broadcast partner for Sinclair’s new children’s block, KidsClick,” said John Bryan,

President, Domestic Television Distribution, MGM. “As ThisTV continues to evolve, KidsClick gives our

audience more choices with established brands and introduces them to some exciting new children’s


This summer, KidsClick also will be available online (desktop and mobile), via tablet and smartphone apps and

games, and via OTT platforms like Roku, in addition to broadcast television. The content will consist of an evergrowing

list of long- and short-form video content that is appropriate for kids and advertisers, with an industryexclusive

hyper-local advertising/promotional component through Sinclair’s 170+ station websites as well as

ThisTV’s website.

About Sinclair

Sinclair is one of the largest and most diversified television broadcasting companies in the country. Pro forma for

all pending transactions, the Company will own, operate and/or provide services to 191 television stations in 89

markets, broadcasting 551 channels. The Company has multiple emerging networks as well as being affiliated

with all the major networks. Sinclair is a leading local news provider in the country and a producer of live sports

content. Sinclair’s content is delivered via multiple-platforms, including over-the-air, multi-channel video

program distributors, and digital platforms. The Company regularly uses its website as a key source of Company

information which can be accessed at


THIS TV launched nationally in November 2008 and is the premiere multicast programming service dedicated to

movies in the country. THIS TV has nearly 150 affiliates and is in 85% of the U.S. market reaching

approximately 97 million households. In addition to MGM films, THIS TV affiliates carry a block of

programming dedicated to children’s viewing. Many THIS TV affiliates carry rebroadcasts of local news

programming and local or regional sporting events.