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First clues of 'Riverdale' season 3 revealed

Riverdale Fullscreen.png
Riverdale fans got their first look into what could happen on the season three premiere in October

While we might have to wait for fall to get the total scoop of what is going to happen to Archie and the gang in Riverdale, we at least can wildly speculate with the first clue!

Riverdale showrunner, Roberto Aguirre Sacasa shared on Twitter this week the cover of the premiere episode:

The caption of the cover page says "Here is a gripping courtroom drama... involving Archie's honor... and a startling denouement that will fascinate you!"

What does this mean for Archie? Will he end up behind bars? With what we know about the Riverdale police and justice department, Archie behind bars could very well happen.

Hopefully we don't have to wait until Oct. 10 to get some answers!

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