It’s A Date, Marshmallows!

cw seed

Back in January, the world first hear of a Veronica Mars(ish) web series coming to CW Seed. We knew it would feature the actor Ryan Hansen, trying to talk his fellow Veronica Mars alum into getting the show back on the air.

But what we didn’t know is exactly which VMers would be back, and when it would debut.

Answers arrived yesterday, when Buzzfeed revealed the debut date: September 15th on CW Seed.

Each episode is reported to be 8-10 minutes in length, and there will be a total of 8 episodes.

Click on the Buzzfeed link to find out who will appear (unless, of course, you want that to be a surprise.)

Creator Rob Thomas spread the word thusly:

And arguably the biggest Marshmallow of them all spake:


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