Superhero Wish List for Arrow & Flash

arrow flash

In this article, EW lists the heroes they’d like to see show up on Arrow or The Flash.

It’s seems pretty much a lock that we won’t be seeing Batman, Wonder Woman, or Superman … but that still leaves a lot possible DC icons as possible new characters.

And the announcements for The Atom, Firestorm, and Wildcat show that the show creators are willing to try characters rarely seen outside of comic book.

For my two cents, as a big fan of James Robinson’s comic Starman, I’d love to see Jack Knight make an appearance.

In Starman, Jack Knight is the son of Silver Age Starman Ted Knight — he takes the mantle reluctantly, when his brother is murdered.

Jack is an atypical superhero — he possesses a cosmic rod that gives him the ability to fly, along with a few other tricks, but he’s not bigger, stronger, or even necessarily tougher than anyone else. He runs a collectables shop, and is often more interested in pursuing vintage transistor radios than super-villains.

Which brings up The Shade. In previous comics, the Shade was a frequent enemy to the Silver Age Flash, but Starman re-imagines him as a powerful being, possibly amoral, but fiercely protective of his home, Opal City. The Shade has the power of “shadow materials” that he can form and control at will.

So there’s my wish list. It’ll be fun to see where Arrow and The Flash go, and who’ll be along for the ride.



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