The Originals Season 2 Trailer from 2014 Comic-Con

Season 1 of The Originals had no lack of intensity, and season 2 looks even more white-knuckle.

The new video promises the return of the original Original, Mikael. Father to Klaus, Elijah, Rebekah, his character was first introduced on The Vampire Diaries, and his quest to destroy his children has made for some unforgettable moments.

Mikael is played by the great Sebastian Roche’, who originally appeared in the CW/WB-verse as The Sorceror in Charmed, way back in 2004, and played Balthazar on Supernatural.

You may also know him as Jerry Jax on General Hospital.

In related news, Joseph Morgan proved his English roots by using the word ‘favourite’ in a recent tweet:

Look for the premiere of The Originals on Monday, October 6th at 7pm. Note the new night.


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