“Speed Trap” The Flash Special Comic-Con Trailer

Not to brag or anything, but I saw this trailer at the end of June at a conference for station promotion managers — and we were barred from taping, photographing, or possibly even mentioning it.

So I’m very happy to share it with you now.

Several easter eggs of note —

— the billboard is for Palmer Technologies “Bigger Isn’t Always Better” — a reference to Ray Palmer (aka the Atom), to be played by Brandon Routh on Arrow, and I’d be pretty shocked if he didn’t cross over into the Flash-verse. The slogan is of course a reference to the Atom’s ability to shrink down.

— The crossword that the cop is doing has several generic tie-in words: speed; dad; ghost. The word he’s about to fill in is Grodd, a reference to Gorilla Grodd. He’s another of the Silver Age Flash’s original villains, also created by the same writer and artist (John Broome and Carmine Infantino.) In the comics, he’s a super-smart telepathic gorilla, who can control minds (via Wikipedia.)

— the logo on the cop’s travel mug is probably a reference to something — dunno what.

The Flash apparently made a big impression at Comic-Con. Here’s the Flash himself, with NBC’s Constantine; FOX’s Jim Gordon from Gotham; and Arrow …

And please do tune in for the debut of The Flash, Tuesday, October 7th at 7pm on CW 14!



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