William Sadler Gets “Flash”-y On Twitter


Casting news often breaks in TV news websites like TVLine or EW.com.

Or, if you’re William Sadler, it breaks like this:

So who is Simon Stagg? Once again, it gets complicated. In quick, he’s the CEO of Stagg Enterprises, and (evilly) overprotective father of Sapphire Stagg. He’s key in the origin of the hero Metamorpho.

You may know William Sadler from such parts as a president willing to negotiate with a terrorist in Iron Man 3, but as usual, I’ll focus on any former CW/WB connection:

He may be most famous as John McClane’s adversary in Die Hard 2, but has been featured in numerous memorable film and tv roles over the years.

But for me, none more memorable than his role as death in Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey:

He’s also posted several other interesting photos from the set of The Flash, including:






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