Seinfeld Gets Emoji’d (kinda)


If you’re like me, you think to yourself – now what’s an emoji?

Wikipedia (bless ’em) sez: “Emoji (絵文字 or えもじ; Japanese pronunciation: [emodʑi]) are the ideograms or smileys used in Japanese electronic messages and webpages”

It’s probably easier to show ’em than describe ’em, so check them out for yourself here. Gotta love the ‘Pufy Shirt.’

Unfortunately, these aren’t usable emoji yet, but the website does promise an upcoming app.

That said, the website also uses some pretty atrocious spelling (“You will be the envy of all your frend when you send them a Sienfeld emoji, BABY!! “), so take that one with a grain of salt :-}

[via Pop Candy – thanks Whitney!]

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