Hilarious Night at Whose Live Anyway

CW 14 Star, Katie Phernetton talks about her favorite parts of Whose Live Anyway!
CW 14 Star, Katie Phernetton talks about her favorite parts of Whose Live Anyway!

I’m still laughing from Whose Live Anyway from Thursday night at the Fox Cities Performing Arts Center. It was probably one of the best live shows I have ever been to. If you missed out on the night of hilarity, two things: one, I strongly suggest that you go next time and two, here are some of my favorite parts from the night (Basically the whole thing was my favorite part but I guess I’ll narrow it down).
1. One of my favorite parts of the show was the audience interaction. The comedians would ask things like “what do you see on the streets of Appleton?” and things tailored to the area. And some of their reactions were priceless, you couldn’t tell there is always a little bit of culture shock where ever they go but they’re used to it and are able to think on their feet and make fun of it in a light hearted way.
2. They had 4 people from the audience come on stage but the first audience participant was probably my favorite, simply because she did not want to be up there but was a good sport about it. They first asked her her name and then, what she did for work. This was probably the best person in the audience that they could have picked from because she was a lab tech in a cheese factory. Instant jokes and bringing stereotypes into the spotlight. But she was a great sport about it all and bringing up cheese was a staple in all the rest of the sketches.
3. I’ve seen this done before at other improve shows but this was by far the best I’ve ever seen it done. Select people from the audience wrote different lines of dialogue that could be used in any conversation. Then they had the audience come up with a place where it will take place and then if it were a set of a soap opera what it would be called. The scene was a golf course and the name was……I won’t say on here. Then Jeff and Ryan acted out a scene and would randomly pull the sheets of dialogue written by the audience. It was hilarious to see how the scene went that way.
4. One of my favorite things in one sentence: Jeff B. Davis as Keanu Reeves
5. And finally a part that I loved was the last sketch. Ryan and Greg were people on an infomercial trying to sell CDs for the profession of a hotel concierge (suggested by the audience). Then Jeff and Chip would sing the songs on the track with a title given by Ryan and Greg. My favorite was they had Chip and Jeff act as Bruce Springsteen and Neil Diamond. It was absolutely hilarious and they nailed it.
6. But all in all I guess my favorite parts had to be when the performers would start laughing at each other. It was funny to watch and really showed how improvised it all was.
It was such a great night celebrating the healing power of comedy for the Harbor House Domestic Abuse Programs! I strongly suggest you go next year if you missed it. And remember you can catch all new episodes of “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” on CW 14 Mondays at 7.

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